Gento Disinfectant Products

Gento disinfectant.

Gento Disinfectant Products

Its multi action formula cleans and disinfects all surfaces, actively removing dirt and contaminants to leave surfaces hygienic and clean.



  • For general cleaning: Use 1 part of GENTO with 80 parts of water
  • To reduce offensive odor: 1 part of GENTO to 40 parts of water.


Water, Secondary Alcohol, Pine Essential Oil, Phenol Derivative Compound,
Fatty Acid Soap, Ethylenediamidetetraacetic Acid, Preservative & Color.

Physical Properties

  • AppearanceHomogeneous and clear liquid free from any impurities..
  • Odor: Pine, Rose, Oud, Sundle, Jasmin
  • Color: Brown
  • 11 – 13
  • 3 – 5
  • Low foam
  • Point: None
  • Stability: Stable for 2 years from production date

Other Content


Store the original container in cool & dry place away from food & feeding stuff.


8×2.5 L, 4×4 L, 4×5 L


Always keep away from the reach of the children.

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