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Dutybound Degreasing Solution

Its amazing cleaning ability enable you to remove almost all common soils including grease, oil, wax gum, dirt, ink, soap tallow smudge, light carbon etc. It is non‐toxic, non‐flammable and non‐corrosive and helps prevent rust. This product is a superior degreaser, its removes old grease and oils from cement, concrete and terrazzo floors easily and quickly. This product can be use to remove lubricating oil similar soil from tool parts, engines, airplanes without danger of rusting or corrosion.


  • Full strength, diesel power units, laboratory, basins, air filter, refrigerators
  • 1:1 for tools, airplanes, fireplaces, conveyors, engines, floor, smoke houses, showers
  • 1:5 for stoves, fryers, lightening fixtures, greasy concrete floors, ventilating and air‐filter system and soak tank cleaning.


Physical Properties

  • Clear homogenous liquid free from suspended matter
  • Violet
  • Characteristic odor
  • 12 – 14
  • 1.01 – 1.02
  • Not applicable
  • 1.3423 – 1.3558
  • 190 ml
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Stable for 3 years from production date

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Store the original container in cool & dry place away from food & feeding stuff.


4×4 L, 6×4 L, 4×5 L, 30 L, 208 L, 1000 L


Keep away from the of reach of the children

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